wealth management for dentists and orthodontists

I’m Haden Werhan, CPA/PFS, providing strategic financial planning and wealth management to dentists and orthodontists.

What are the practical steps that lead to an excellent dental practice and ideal dental career? Why do some dentists thrive, while others struggle just to make do?

How do you create a solid succession plan to preserve what you’ve worked so hard to build?

Don’t ask me why I find these questions endlessly entertaining. I just do. That’s why I’ve moved beyond traditional accounting, dedicating my career to helping dentists and orthodontists optimize their personal and professional wealth throughout their lives.

For me, it all began in real estate management, followed by a lengthy career managing, consulting and providing accounting services to dental practices ranging from start-ups, to acquisitions to large group settings. Today, I am an Owner/Partner with Thomas Wirig Doll – Tax, Retirement & Wealth Advisors; I’ve been associated with the firm since 1998.

To name a few areas of specialized interest, I have helped doctors:

  • Obtain financing and launch successful practice start-ups
  • Hire and retain quality staff
  • Find and negotiate practice leasing and purchasing terms
  • Build, equip and manage multi-clinic practices
  • Oversee practice development teams for enhanced practice efficiency
  • Implement smooth transitions and successions
  • Manage the parts and the whole of their personal wealth – from investing and protecting it, to spending, bequeathing and donating it according to personalized goals

I also enjoy lecturing and providing seminars on tax, financial planning, practice management and practice evaluations. I’ve presented at the University of California, San Francisco; the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry; and various dental societies. In addition I write regularly for The Progressive Dentist and The Progressive Orthodontist magazines.

When I’m not on the job, I love to take in the really big picture as a private pilot. I find a lot of parallels between flying and wealth management; for both, you must stay on course to arrive at your desired destination.

How can I pilot toward your own financial and lifetime goals? Let me know.


I live in Lafayette, California and I greatly enjoy being a private pilot, scuba diving, and swimming. I’m also a licensed real estate broker.

Haden Werhan, CPA/PFS