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Stress and the Solo Dentist

This article was originally published on theprodentist.com. Do you ever wake up at night worrying about your practice? There are fewer new patients knocking on my door. Should I spend money on advertising? Insurance reimbursements are going down. How do I figure out how to maintain my profit margin? Big dental groups and corporate practices […]

Tax-Wise Investment Planning: Advanced Strategies, Part II

As described in our last Wealth Extractions article, “Tax-Wise Planning for Retirement, Part I”, planning for the financial outcomes you desire can be a little like a pilot creating a flight plan for his or her intended destination. If unmanaged taxes knock your investment plans off course by a few degrees, you may never reach […]

Tax-Wise Planning for Retirement, Part I

As an amateur pilot, I’ve noticed several similarities between flight and finances. Once you’ve reached cruising altitude at 10,000 feet in the clear, blue skies, you think about these sorts of things: Whether we’re talking about personal wealth or a cross-country flight, proper planning matters. So does making adjustments necessary (and only adjustments necessary) to […]

401(K) Plan Fees … Let There Be Light!

This article was originally published on DentistryIQ. News Flash… The temperature across much of the U.S. isn’t the only thing on the rise this summer. According to guidelines established by ERISA regulations 408(b)(2) and 404(a)(5), new 401(k) plan fee disclosure requirements are upon us as well and heating things up uncomfortably. Especially plan sponsors who […]