Closing the Barn Door…

We all know the expression, “Closing the barn door after the horse got out” which is a metaphor for taking care of a problem after it happened.

Last week we had a seminar and the speaker was Marc Goodman, a “Global Security Advisor.”  Some of my partners had heard him speak at a conference that I was not able to attend and thought the information would be valuable to pass along to our clients.  After all, part of Wealth Management is Asset Protection.  Mr. Goodman talked about the logarithmic advancement of technology and the proportional increase in cyber crime.  It was fascinating and it was extremely disturbing at the same time – like a movie that you know is not going to have a good ending while you are watching it and then, sure enough, doesn’t.  Of note was Marc’s long list of methods cyber crooks use to perpetrate crimes.  From aps for selling Crack or hiring an “Escort” for the evening, to programs to hack your neighbor’s Wi-Fi or printer memory, the proliferation of cyber crime goes so far beyond the imagination of most people and it is no wonder that Marc Goodman, a true expert in this area, has found himself being called by government agencies, NATO, The United Nations, Interpol, and the like to provide support in the prevention of such crimes.

Marc is the Global Security Advisor and Chair for Policy, Law and Ethics at The Singularity University ( and the Founder and Chairman of The Future Crimes Institute (   One can spend hours on his website reading his posts, watching TED videos & interviews, and reading articles about Cyber Crime, Bio Crime, Terrorism and other Homeland & Global Security concerns.  Me??  I just want to be able to go online and do my banking or shop with a level of confidence that someone isn’t watching my every key stroke or collecting all my personal information while I am on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.  I’m not so sure that is possible any more.  Mobile banking on a smart phone?  Forget about it.  As cool as it is to take a picture of a check and have the money show up in your bank instantaneously, I believe I might as well play Russian Roulette.  Speaking of which, Marc can direct me to a website where I can learn how to make a plastic gun with a 3-D printer.

So what’s a Dental CPA/Financial Planner to do??  I am going to attempt to close my barn door before the horse escapes!  I am taking the banking aps off my smart phone.  I am taking the “remember all my passwords” program off my smart phone.  I am turning my computers off at night.  I am getting a temporary credit card account number from my bank before shopping online (they expire after an hour or so).  I am changing all my passwords (Wi Fi especially) to consist of numbers and wacky arrangements of letters and symbols that some hacking program can’t decipher.  Generally, as I grow older and accumulate more “information” and wealth, I am going more “low-tech.”  Oh, and the bunker under my house should be done by Labor Day.



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