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Here is a good article about the Fiduciary Standard from a real insider in the business.

This sketch by Carl Richards of The Behavior Gap and The BAM Alliance describes the difference between the fiduciary standard Registered Investment Advisors like myself and my BAM Alliance colleagues adhere to and the suitability standard that brokers are held to.  It is important stuff and worth any investor’s time to examine and fully understand.


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    This is terrible. I was kinda wanting the Copyright laws would have gotten better (By decreasing) but instead, its completely the other way.No, I do not blame the people who infringe, I sort of blame the ones who just cant control themselves and then make a bunch of demand laws added to this Copyright I think.Copyright not only tries to limit creativity, but its more like dictatorship.

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    . You have articulated the US-Euro divide when it comes to understanding key issues. Many Euros are battling to save their society from being overrun by jihadis. Meanwhile Americans lecture the Euros about preserving the ideals democracy. Some of the American responses are almost funny. You’re in the trenches taking incoming fire and along comes a professor of philosophy and asks, “Have you stopped to ponder the morality of war?’ Yeah, it’s an important question but not while you’re dodging grenades. There has to be a sense of priorities about the arguments, and Americans have to understand more about this.


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