Family Matters

This article caught my eye:   Traveling with your pets.  This is because I flew across the country this summer with our dog, Sadie, who is a Giant Schnauzer.  You may be thinking I stuck her in the baggage compartment of a 757 but I didn’t.  As you can see from the photo, Sadie and I flew across the country in my private plane.

Sadie with headphones

Sadie with headphonesIMG_3103


What does this have to do with Wealth Management?  We had a family vacation in Maine the week before I had a meeting there.  Sadie is part of the family so I flew back (46.6 hours round trip) myself so she could be with us.  Family matters when making financial decisions.  As fellow BAM Alliance Member, Dan Solin writes in the following article:

What to Do When Family Affects Your Finances by Dan Solin.

Enjoy the read and remember, feel free to call me with your Wealth Management questions.


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