Fiduciary Advisor or Broker?

Michael Kitces is a highly respected blogger and speaker in the Financial Planning world.  His latest piece about the lack of consequential discipline in the investment advisory business is a real eye opener.

Rogue Brokers Still Not Being Reined In

I continue to be shocked by advise given to unsuspecting investors by product driven brokers and others who claim to have the answer to one’s financial or retirement needs.  There are no short cuts or silver bullets in financial planning.  Working smarter, spending less than you earn, building a secure future for one’s family – these are difficult and easily ignored concepts for most dentists.

As a Dental CPA/Wealth Advisor my job is to show dentists that they have the ability to harness the power of their practices to create wealth and achieve financial independence.  Utilizing a few tools and concepts, and a reputable fiduciary advisor, dentists can create real wealth.  The trick is to avoid sales people disguised at financial advisors and the expensive, often inappropriate, products they sell.

Fiduciary Standard Carl Richards

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