Listen to the Music, Not the News

Here is an article by Larry Swedroe about listening to the news (noise) about the markets.

Or, for those more visual, below is a sketch by Carl Richards, Author of The Behavior Gap, about how most investors react to news about the markets. 

Carl Richards Sketch - Greed-Buy Fear-Sell Repeat Until BrokeThe bottom line is that for close to 100 years, the market is up much more than it is down.  Successful investors build a portfolio of low-cost, globally diversified, mutual funds with an appropriate amount of risk given their specific circumstances.  For a discussion about this or a complimentary portfolio analysis, shoot me an email or give me a call.  I want everyone to have a positive investment experience and reach their personal and financial goals.

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  1. […] I was drawn down memory lane for today’s post by an article written by BAM Alliance Director of Research, Larry Swedroe, who writes, “Tune Out The Noise.”  Or, as I like to put it, Listen To The Music, Not The News. […]

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