Recent Market Volatility


One of the great things about being a member of the BAM Alliance is having access to an incredible brain trust.  I’m not talking about people who figure out the next best stock to buy or when to get in or out of the market.  No,  it is more about putting the activity (volatility) in the market into perspective and, as is the case now, easing investor’s anxiety about what is happening in the short term and reminding them that they are invested for the long term.  And, that without volatility in the short term, the expectation of returns in the long term would not exist.

Earlier this week, Chief Investment Officer Jared Kizer and Director of Investment Strategy Kevin Grogan shared market insights on a range of topics and answered questions about our overall investment strategy in this BAM ALLIANCE client webcast.  Please follow the link to listen to the discussion at your convenience.

Our message in the BAM Alliance is simple.  Create a long term plan in which you will achieve the greatest risk adjusted after tax market returns.  That’s a mouth full but means that through discovery we will help you determine your need, ability, and willingness to have risk (volatility through exposure to equities) and build the appropriate plan for you with which you can achieve your long term goals.

Enjoy the webcast and then lets have a discussion.


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