Special Market Volatility Webcast Today


It is difficult to tune out the news when the market turns volatile like it has the past few trading days.  Even the most sophisticated investors can get rattled making it important for advisors to address the issue head-on.  As part of The BAM Alliance, we are fortunate to have some big guns in our arsenal in the likes of Larry Swedroe among others.

As news of market drops escalate and the headline engines go into overdrive, it can be hard for even the most disciplined among us to wonder if it’s really best to stay the course. Does a short-term selloff warrant rethinking your long-term plan? Join BAM ALLIANCE Director of Research Larry Swedroe and Chief Investment Officer Jared Kizer for a live webcast discussion and Q&A on Monday, August 24 at 4:00 p.m. CST. Each will share insights on how to react to market downturns, provide historical perspective for investors tuned into the nightly news and answer your questions about what’s happening now.

To register for this webcast, please go to:
Special Webcast with Larry Swedroe & Jared Kizer

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