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I’m excited to share a fun experience I had a few of weeks ago. I was invited by Gary Takacs of the Takacs Learning Center to be a guest on his radio podcast the Thriving Dentist Podcast Show. The show was broadcast today, August 5, 2015.


Gary created a very comfortable environment for the interview and eliminated any anxiety I had by adding questions and comments that facilitated a great conversation.

Gary posted the following about my interview on the podcast website:

“Your advisory team should include a CPA and Financial Planner that has experience working with Dental Clients. Dentists have some unique challenges that are best navigated by a team of advisors that have experience with Dentists and understand the unique needs of the dental profession. In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Haden Werhan on the role of a CPA in a Thriving Practice. In this Show, Gary and Haden discuss; why Haden started working with Dentists, why it is important to work with a CPA who has experience with Dentists, why tax planning and financial planning need to be coordinated, the future of section 179 deductions, wealth protection strategies, the Academy of Dental CPA’s, and why Haden finds so much fulfillment working with the Dentists. This will be the most interesting interview you will ever hear on the topic of accounting!”

I follow Gary’s podcasts on iTunes at The Thriving Dentist Podcast Show

Go to Gary’s website The Takacs Learning Center and check out all the work he does to support dentistry and help dentists thrive.

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